MBTI: Which DR Diamond Ring Best Matches Your Personality Type?

Jan 20,2024

Diamond rings are an eternal symbol of love and commitment, available in various shapes and styles to suit different personalities. Whether you’re a classic traditionalist or a bold adventurer, there’s always a diamond engagement ring that can perfectly match your unique personality type.

MBTI personality type x DR Rings

One of the most popular personality assessments today is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which breaks down personality traits into preferences for Extraversion (E), Introversion (I), Sensing (S), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Feeling (F), Judging (J), or Perceiving (P). Combining these preferences forms 16 distinct personality types.

MBTI 16 personality types

What is MBTI?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely used personality assessment tool developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers based on the theories of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. It aims to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of their personality preferences, how they perceive the world, make decisions, and interact with others.

The MBTI framework consists of eight preferences organized into four opposing pairs:

MBTI 16 personality types

1. Extraversion (E) vs. Introversion (I)

How individuals direct their energy and attention. Extraverts are energized by interacting with others and the external world, while introverts are energized by inner thoughts and reflection.

MBTI 16 personality types

2. Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N)

How individuals gather information. Sensors prefer to focus on concrete and practical details, while intuitivist prefer patterns, connections, and possibilities.

MBTI 16 personality types

3. Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)

How individuals make decisions. People who prefer thinking base decisions on logic and objective analysis, while people who prefer feeling base decisions on personal values and consideration of others' feelings.

MBTI 16 personality types

4. Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P)

How individuals approach the outside world. Judgers prefer structure, organization, and planning, while perceivers prefer flexibility, spontaneity, and openness to new experiences.

By combining people’s preferences in these four key areas, 16 different personality types are formed. It’s important to note that MBTI is a self-reported assessment and is not intended to measure traits or predict behavior with absolute precision.

Don’t know your personality type yet? Take the test now!

Find the Perfect DR Ring that Matches Your Personality

We have matched our DR Rings with each Myers-Briggs personality type to help you find the DR diamond ring that best suits your personality.


INFPs are idealistic, compassionate, creative, and introspective. They guide themselves by their own values, seeking a deep understanding of themselves and their partners. INFPs are like poets, inherently romantic and incredibly imaginative. As idealists, they always believe in finding the soulmate that perfectly matches theirs.

This snowflake engagement ring from the Believe Collection, symbolizing the pure white snowflake. No two snowflakes in the world are the same, just as true love is a unique being. The whimsical and romantic ring in a vintage or nature-inspired design reflects the idealistic and compassionate nature of INFPs.

DR Diamond Ring for INFP


DR Diamond Ring for ENFP

Passionate, imaginative, empathetic, and open-minded, ENFPs are creative individuals who value authenticity and personal growth. They are direct in expressing love and genuine feelings to their partners, offering sincere respect and enjoying listening to their partner's thoughts to help build dreams.

This heart-shaped diamond engagement ring from the DR Heart Collection symbolizes “The True Heart is Only for You”, just like the straightforward and passionate nature of ENFPs. An eternal sparkling heart-shaped diamond and a captivating halo represent a continuous source of strength for them. With their intense love, they eagerly await an equally fervent response from you.


Creative, logical, curious, and resourceful, ENTPs always have unlimited energy and curiosity to understand their partners and seek companionship. As rational individuals, they excel at exploring new ideas with their partners to establish a unique romantic relationship.

This non-traditional V-shaped eternity ring from the Forever Collection offers versatility, allowing it to be worn in different ways, such as stacked or as a necklace, making it a practical ring for various occasions. The smooth and narrow band forms a large V shape, creating captivating lines that embody the innovative and curious nature of ENTPs.

DR Diamond Ring for ENTP


DR Diamond Ring for ISFJ

ISFJs are caring, nurturing, loyal, and dutiful. They are sensitive to their partner’s needs and are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities. In a relationship, ISFJs willingly give and often unconsciously care for and protect their loved ones, sometimes overlooking their own feelings.

This star engagement ring from the Just You Collection, inspired by the Star of David, symbolizes “Guarding True Love”. This DR diamond ring is most suitable for the guardian-like ISFJs, as it allows them to feel loved and protected too.


Confident, strategic, logical, and ambitious, ENTJs are loyal partners who, once committed to true love, begin to integrate their partners into their life plans. Their partners are fortunate, as ENTJs’ strong loyalty ensures a well-structured and purposeful life together.

This bold and unique diamond engagement ring from the You & Me Collection features a juxtaposition of white and black diamonds, expressing the overall concept of “You and Me”. The design concept of “You Complete Me” perfectly embodies the confident and resolute attitude towards love of ENTJs.

DR Diamond Ring for ENTJ


DR Diamond Ring for ISTJ

ISTJs are practical, responsible, detail-oriented, organized, and logical. They value facts and stability, making them reliable partners. ISTJs may not need symbols of love such as fireworks or other material or experiential expressions, as simply being quietly together with their loved ones makes them comfortable.

This classic and traditional 6-prong engagement ring from the Forever Collection symbolizes “enduring love like a diamond”. Its simple yet timeless solitaire design not only enhances the brilliance of the diamond but also reflects the practical and reliable nature of ISTJs.


INTPs possess strong analytical, curious, independent, and creative traits. They are logical thinkers who enjoy exploring complex ideas and theories. INTPs enjoy discussing ideas with their partners, exploring theories, and making new discoveries to create intimacy. They also specialize in helping their partner open up more possibilities and solutions to different problems.

This non-traditional floral halo diamond ring from Believe Collection, featuring fashionable marquise cut diamond, a halo of round diamonds, and intricate details on the ring band, reflects the wisdom and unique essence of INTPs.

DR Diamond Ring for INTP


DR Diamond Ring for INTJ

INTJs are strategic, independent, analytical, and visionary. They are logical problem solvers, driven by a thirst for knowledge and understanding. INTJs are straightforward and direct in their approach, and their rational exterior may disguise their hidden romantic nature.

This D-shaped diamond ring from the D Collection, inspired by our brand’s letter D (D=I+U, where I represents the man and U represents the woman, condensed into “I LOVE YOU”), straightforwardly and romantically embodies the ideal love of INTJs.


INFJs are insightful, empathetic, creative, and idealistic. They are deep thinkers, driven by their own values and visions for the future. INFJs excel at discovering the positive qualities in their partners and play a unique role in encouraging and protecting them to build an ideal romantic relationship.

This vintage and delicate oval diamond ring from the Believe Collection, featuring flower and leaf shapes handcrafted in gold or rose gold. It is a unique and meaningful ring for INFJs, reflecting their profound and insightful nature.

DR Diamond Ring for INFJ


DR Diamond Ring for ESFP

Outgoing, spontaneous, friendly, and funny, ESFPs are great communicators who enjoy living in the moment. Their passionate and infectious nature enriches their romantic relationships by introducing more social elements and creating unforgettable moments together.

This fun and colorful diamond ring from the Forever Collection features a classic 6-prong setting for the main stone, while the ring band intertwines three different colored circles, symbolizing every loving moment in life. This playful and lively design embodies the outgoing and spontaneous nature of ESFPs.


Energetic, practical, adaptable, and action-oriented, ESTPs are problem-solving experts who thrive on adventure. They love to share exhilarating experiences with their partners, such as attending concerts, skydiving, or skiing, to infuse their relationship with vitality and excitement.

This large and magnificent stamp engagement ring from the Love Palace Collection, inspired by the grand dome and colorful stained-glass windows of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. 12 side stones surround the large round brilliant diamond, further visually amplifying the sparkle of the main stone. The bold and personalized design of this DR diamond ring reflects the outgoing and adventurous nature of ESTPs.

DR Diamond Ring for ESTP


DR Diamond Ring for ISFP

ISFPs are creative, gentle, empathetic, and highly adaptable. They have an artistic nature and value personal expression and harmony. When with ISFPs, they truly listen to their partners and appreciate their partner’s stories, responding positively to their partner’s gestures and emotions.

This unique diamond ring with a Bohemian style and artistic flair from the Just You Collection, featuring a unique marquise cut diamond and yellow side stones on a gold band, reflects the free-spirited and creative personality of ISFPs.


ISTPs love adventure, are highly logical, adaptable, and independent. They excel at troubleshooting and enjoy practical activities. ISTPs tend to make the most of every moment and help their partners in practical ways, so they always devise safe routes for their partners in any crisis.

This simple men’s ring from the Forever Collection, with a comfortable and polished band featuring a round brilliant-cut diamond, is a durable and practical men’s ring that reflects the practicality and adventurous spirit of ISTPs.

DR Diamond Ring for ISTP


DR Diamond Ring for ESTJ

Efficient, practical, confident, and decisive, ESTJs are natural leaders who serve as a pillar of strength and guidance for their partners. They prioritize their partners, rearranging their schedules and standing up for them in times of need, ensuring their partners constantly feel secure and loved.

This classic and elegant black diamond men’s ring from the Love Mark Collection features a simple yet sturdy design, with the brand name engraved on the polished band and a black diamond set, reflecting the confident and organized personality of ESTJs.


Empathetic, charming, idealistic, and persuasive, ENFJs thrive on order and planning, serving as reliable pillars within their communities. They prefer clear and organized plans and are committed to following through, making them dependable and devoted lover.

This custom diamond ring from the Love Mark Collection is inspired by the logo seal of the True Love Agreement, symbolizing the most steadfast commitment in life. This clear declaration of love is most suitable for the steadfast and loyal nature of ENFJs.

DR Diamond Ring for ENFJ


DR Diamond Ring for ESFJ

Warm, sincere, supportive, and sociable, ESFJs are dedicated to being reliable pillars for their partners, making them feel comfortable with warm expressions and positive emotions. When with an ESFJ, their partner will always be the center of their attention.

This timeless and meaningful princess-cut halo diamond ring from the DR Paris Collection draws inspiration from the inverted pyramid of the Louvre in Paris, creating stability through lines and facets at a 52-degree angle. The solid triangle and 52-degree angle reflect the reliable and supportive nature of ESFJs, while the modern style of the princess-cut diamond and halo design embodies their warmth and positivity.

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