The 4Cs Of Diamonds

Cut, colour, clarity and carat are the barometers by which the world judges the beauty of a diamond. Discover how every diamond is evaluated and assessed at Darry Ring, from the 4Cs prescribed by the GIA to our quest for perfection at every stage in a stone's journey.

diamond cut

Diamond cut is the proportional balance of table percentage, depth percentage, and symmetry achieved after a rough diamond is cut and polished. It serves as an indicator of a diamond's brilliance, fire, and sparkle. The GIA's international grading system categorizes diamond cut into five grades - Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. At Darry Ring, we refuse to compromise on poorly cut diamonds and do not offer diamonds with Fair or Poor grades, as they do not meet our standard for high-quality DR diamonds. We strongly believe that the quality of cut is of utmost importance.

diamond shapes

Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond defines its radiant personality, with each facet meticulously crafted by hand to reveal its innate beauty. Each cut is imbued with its own inimitable character and charm.

darry ring cut

DR’s One-of-a-kind Craftsmanship

Darry Ring firmly believes that only exquisite craftsmanship of our precious diamonds can be worthy of the only true love in a lifetime. Two exclusively cut crafts by Darry Ring, HEART IN HEART and STAR OF LOVE, both of which have been certified by the International Gemological Institute, represent a cutting process that is even higher than the industry standard.

 ring certificates of GIA, IGI, and NGTC


Darry Ring's diamonds undergo a rigorous independent inspection process to guarantee their superior quality and provenance. The results of the certification are presented in the form of certificates or grading reports issued by the world's leading gemological institutions, which includes GIA, IGI, and NGTC.

Darry Ring styles

Ring Settings and Styles

Discover a variety of styles and settings, ranging from the traditional solitaire claw setting to the retro halo pavé setting. Every piece is meticulously crafted to meet our rigorous standards, guaranteeing unmatched excellence.

Diamond Buying FAQs

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3. Are Darry Ring's diamonds natural?
4. What are conflict-free diamonds?
5. How do I care for my diamond?

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