darry ring box

What is the Significance of Darry Ring?

1249 / Sep 18,2023

Darry Ring that you can only buy once represents true love and a lifetime commitment. Click to learn more about Darry Ring meaning and significance.

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darry ring ID Verification Ring

What is ID Verification Ring?

1139 / Sep 18,2023

ID Verification Ring is usually referred to as Darry Ring, since identity verification is necessary throughout its diamond engagement ring purchase procedure.

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engagement ring finger for male and female

Engagement Ring Finger for Male and Female

1527 / Sep 22,2023

Traditionally, women and men wear an engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. Click to get more about engagement ring finger for male and female.

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News & Missions

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MBTI Personality Type x DR Rings

MBTI: Which DR Diamond Ring Best Matches Your Personality Type?

169 / Jan 20,2024

We have matched our DR Rings with each Myers-Briggs personality type to help you find the DR diamond ring that best suits your personality.

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Darry Ring x NDC

Darry Ring Cooperates with NDC to Jointly Promote Natural Diamonds

140 / Jan 17,2024

Darry Ring, has formed a strategic partnership with the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) to showcase the intrinsic value of natural diamonds to a global audience.

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DR engagement ring designers - Frédéric Mané and Amandine Boucher

Designer Engagement Rings: DR Love Mark Collection

514 / Oct 27,2023

Frédéric Mané and Amandine Boucher are the talented international jewelry designers that create beautiful designer engagement rings for DR Love Mark Collection.

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Love & Memories

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DR couple Jay and Jenece

Jay & Jenece: We were not Quite Complete until We Met

1408 / Sep 14,2023

This is an interview with a lovely DR couple, Jay and Jenece, who we met in the DR Paris store. They shared their sweet love story for us.

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DR couple Jiajia and Carson

Jiajia & Carson: Love is in the Little Things

1413 / Sep 14,2023

Jiajia and Carson have been in love for 10 years, and they decided to make Darry Ring as a testament to their 10-year journey of true love.

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DR couple Kim and Bob

Kim and Bob: Love is How They Make You Feel About Yourself

1365 / Sep 14,2023

This is a true love story about a DR couple, Kim and Bob. They met on a work to paint an airplane and quickly fell in love because of Bob’s witty humor.

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Styles & Trends

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emerald cut vs radiant cut

Radiant vs. Emerald Cut, What is the Difference?

416 / Dec 13,2023

The emerald cut uses step-cut facets for a subtle sparkle, while radiant cut uses brilliant-cut facets for a dazzling sparkle, which is their main difference.

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A man wears a male engagement band on his left ring finger

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

315 / Nov 30,2023

It has become a commonly accepted practice for men wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger of left hand to show love and commitment to their partner.

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Darry Ring natural diamond

4Cs of Diamonds

625 / Oct 12,2023

4Cs of diamonds refers to cut, color, clarity and carat, which are coined by GIA to assess the quality of a diamond. Learn diamond 4cs to get a brilliant ring.

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Engagements & Weddings

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wedding planning guide

How to Start Planning A Wedding Step by Step?

662 / Sep 21,2023

Feel a little overwhelmed with wedding planning? Check out these steps to planning a wedding to help you celebrate your exciting milestone.

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marriage proposal speech

What to Say When Proposing

663 / Sep 21,2023

A marriage proposal speech hold greater significance when proposing. Explore our 7 tips on what to say when proposing to convey the depth of your love.

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best wedding venues

10 Best Wedding Venues in the USA

697 / Sep 21,2023

Dream of a perfect venue for your fantasy wedding? Let’s check out our list of 10 best wedding venues in the USA - Enjoy!

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