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difference between promise ring and engagement ring

Promise Ring vs. Engagement Ring, What is the Difference?

2083 / Jul 05,2024

A promise ring and engagement ring share common meaning of a commitment to other, but they still have differences in other aspects. Click to learn more.

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engagement ring buying guide

How to Choose An Engagement Ring?

1395 / Sep 22,2023

When buying an engagement ring, you should know the ring size, set a budget, understand the 4C’s of the diamond, diamond setting and so on. Click to learn more.

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Darry Ring promise ring

What is A Promise Ring Meant for?

2186 / Sep 22,2023

A promise ring usually goes on the left ring finger with meaning of loyalty and commitment from giver to the recipient. Click to learn more about promise rings.

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wedding ring finger for male and female

What Finger Does a Wedding Ring Go on?

1884 / Sep 22,2023

The left ring finger is typically used as wedding ring finger for male and female. But in some cultures, and LGBTQ+, wedding band goes on the right ring finger.

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DR BELIEVE Promise Ring

Darry Ring: A Unique Promise of Eternal Love

117 / Jul 10,2024

Discover the Uniqueness of the Darry Ring – A Promise Like No Other

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wedding ring trends

Elevate Your Love Story with Trending Wedding Rings in Wedding Season 2024

385 / Apr 30,2024

Wedding ring trends for 2024 wedding season include simple, custom, vintage styles, rose gold, wide band and stackable bands. Click to learn the ultimate guide.

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engagement ring trends 2024

Engagement Ring Trends 2024: The Ultimate Guide

1267 / Apr 10,2024

Engagement ring trends for 2024 include oval cuts, bezel settings, yellow gold, vintage styles and lab-created diamonds. Click to learn the ultimate guide.

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matching engagement ring and wedding ring

Which Go First Engagement and Wedding Ring?

516 / Mar 15,2024

Traditional customs and modern trends dictate that the wedding band should be worn on the left ring finger before the engagement ring is stacked, but the final decision depends on personal preference and what symbols are most meaningful to the couple.

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emerald cut vs radiant cut

Radiant vs. Emerald Cut, What is the Difference?

1667 / Dec 13,2023

The emerald cut uses step-cut facets for a subtle sparkle, while radiant cut uses brilliant-cut facets for a dazzling sparkle, which is their main difference.

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A man wears a male engagement band on his left ring finger

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

1283 / Nov 30,2023

It has become a commonly accepted practice for men wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger of left hand to show love and commitment to their partner.

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Darry Ring natural diamond

4Cs of Diamonds

1698 / Oct 12,2023

4Cs of diamonds refers to cut, color, clarity and carat, which are coined by GIA to assess the quality of a diamond. Learn diamond 4cs to get a brilliant ring.

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Megan Foxs Engagement Ring

Celebrity Ring: Megan Fox’s Engagement Ring

1190 / Sep 27,2023

Megan Fox’s engagement ring featured two gorgeous pear shaped diamonds immediately ignited a trend. Let’s take a closer look at this celebrity engagement ring!

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darry ring princess cut diamond engagement ring

Princess Cut Engagement Rings: The Ultimate Guide

1261 / Sep 27,2023

Princess cut engagement ring is popular due to its distinctive angles, lines and modern geometric silhouette. Click for a complete guide to princess cut rings.

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blood diamonds

What are Blood Diamonds?

1241 / Sep 27,2023

Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are diamonds that are mined in war zones and sold to finance armed conflict against governments.

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lauren sanchez engagement ring

Celebrity Ring: Lauren Sanchez’s Engagement Ring

977 / Sep 27,2023

Lauren Sánchez's engagement ring features a 25-30 cushion cut diamond set above the yellow gold ring band. Let’s take a closer look at this celebrity engagement ring!

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dr vintage engagement ring

5 Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring Trends

987 / Sep 27,2023

Find 5 vintage engagement ring trends inspired by Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco rings: halo ring, 3 stone, milgrain ring, colored gemstone and gold setting.

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what finger does a promise ring go on

What Finger Does a Promise Ring Go On?

1156 / Sep 27,2023

Typically, women and men wear a promise ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. Check out more about promise ring finger for female and male.

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difference between cushion cut and princess cut

Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut, What is the Difference?

1308 / Sep 27,2023

Both cushion and princess cut are square cuts, but cushion cut has vintage rounded corners while princess cut has a modern style with defined geometric lines.

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