Darry Ring's Art of Packaging

darry ring gift box

The unique double-door design opens a portal to your future together.
As the name “Toujours” implies, it’s the door to enduring love that is Forever and Always.

darry ring box

Nestled snugly in this secure and elegant ring box , your Darry Ring is ready to be presented to your one and only love.

darry ring agreement

Signing a true love agreement symbolizes the perfect ritual, the solemn promise you will only make to each other.

darry ring certificate

Every stunning diamond ring comes with a GIA, IGI, or NGTC certificate --- a guarantee of the certified value of your treasure.

darry ring gift bag

You will also receive a jewelry polishing cloth,keepsake envelope embossed with a gold Darry Ring logo and a lovely gift bag.

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