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darry ring agreement

What is Darry Ring Agreement?

3118 / Sep 18,2023

Darry Ring Agreement is a testament to your lifelong commitment. It will be only given to those who purchase DR engagement ring for the first time.

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 darry ring box

What is Darry Ring?

4574 / Sep 18,2023

Darry Ring is a luxury jewelry brand and known for its unique brand concept, that one can only buy a DR diamond ring for the true love in a lifetime.

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darry ring engagement ring

How Does Darry Ring Redefine the Engagement Ring?

1499 / Sep 18,2023

Darry Ring gives engagement ring a lifelong commitment to true love and a symbol of courage to express love through identity verification and agreement signing.

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darry ring ID Verification Ring

What is ID Verification Ring?

2928 / Sep 18,2023

ID Verification Ring is usually referred to as Darry Ring, since identity verification is necessary throughout its diamond engagement ring purchase procedure.

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Darry Ring & NDC: A Commitment to Natural Beauty

183 / Jul 16,2024

Experience the beauty and quality of Darry Ring's engagement rings, featuring responsibly sourced natural diamonds. Our partnership with the Natural Diamond Council underscores our commitment to ethical and sustainable diamond practices. Each ring symbolizes love, crafted with exceptional artistry and high standards. Choose Darry Ring for an engagement ring that celebrates your love and supports responsible diamond sourcing.

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darry ring box

What is the Significance of Darry Ring?

4730 / Jul 04,2024

Darry Ring that you can only buy once represents true love and a lifetime commitment. Click to learn more about Darry Ring meaning and significance.

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DR forever rings

Top 10 Best DR Forever Rings for Couples

588 / Apr 28,2024

Choosing a DR forever ring is a way to express your unwavering love to your partner and let her know that she is your only true love in this lifetime.

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DR x VIVIENNE TAM Chinese High-end Bridal Jewelry Collection Debuts at Paris Fashion Week

920 / Mar 08,2024

Darry Ring joined forces with Vivienne Tam to create a brand new “Chinese High-end Bridal Jewelry Collection” and showcased the beauty of Chinese wedding culture to the world at Paris Fashion Week.

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MBTI Personality Type x DR Rings

MBTI: Which DR Diamond Ring Best Matches Your Personality Type?

1170 / Jan 20,2024

We have matched our DR Rings with each Myers-Briggs personality type to help you find the DR diamond ring that best suits your personality.

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Darry Ring x NDC

Darry Ring Cooperates with NDC to Jointly Promote Natural Diamonds

959 / Jan 17,2024

Darry Ring, has formed a strategic partnership with the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) to showcase the intrinsic value of natural diamonds to a global audience.

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DR engagement ring designers - Frédéric Mané and Amandine Boucher

Designer Engagement Rings: DR Love Mark Collection

1179 / Oct 27,2023

Frédéric Mané and Amandine Boucher are the talented international jewelry designers that create beautiful designer engagement rings for DR Love Mark Collection.

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DR halo engagement ring

Best DR Halo Engagement Rings Recommendation

1370 / Sep 19,2023

Halo engagement rings refer to rings with a circle of tiny accent stones surrounding the main stone. Click to check top 4 DR halo engagement rings here.

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Darry Ring D Collection Wins Oscar Awards

Darry Ring Wins Oscar Awards in Jewelry Industry

1214 / Sep 19,2023

For the creative double-locking design of D Collection Jewelry, Darry Ring has earned three international awards regarded as “Oscar” in jewelry industry.

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darry ring cut

Exclusive Darry Ring Cut

1476 / Sep 19,2023

Based on the heart cut and round brilliant cut, Darry Ring has re-imagined them with incredible techniques into Heart in Heart Diamond and Star of Love Diamond.

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darry ring engagement ring designer Claire-Chine Hardion

Designer Engagement Rings: DR Heart Collection

1247 / Sep 19,2023

Claire-Chine Hardion personally designed a heart-shaped crown engagement ring for DR Heart Collection, symbolizing the crowning of love.

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super bowl proposals

Super Bowl Proposals: She Said Yes with a Darry Ring!

1352 / Sep 19,2023

Capture the creative super bowl proposals 2023 here. If missed the best time, you still have chances to propose with a Darry Ring that symbolizes one true love.

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darry ring promise rings

10 Best DR Promise Rings for Her

2079 / Sep 19,2023

Diamond promise ring is the perfect way to show affection and commitment to your love one. We got you 10 Darry Ring promise rings that are exquisite in styles.

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darry ring gift

Darry Ring Gift Guide

1225 / Sep 19,2023

Darry Ring creates a giftbox of couple cups, bags of answers and phone grips to further support your true love. Check the darry ring gift guide 2022 here.

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